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Hey guys, I'm a little less than able when building computers, in fact I'm horrible. I recently bought a Rampage 3 Formula motherboard and an 932 HAF chassis and I have NO idea what goes where! Weather it be the USB cables or where these random -P led - +P led cables go. So far I put together the power supply (and connected the in motherboard correctly hopefully) the chassis and my EVGA GeForce GTX 460 graphics card on the motherboard.
So yea, again, I have no idea where anything goes, please help! D:
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  1. First things first, might want to list all your parts here so we can help make sure they are compatible. Please make sure you mention which parts you have purchased, and which ones are planned.

    Here is the guide you need for the build: Step-by-Step Guide to Building a PC. Make sure you read it carefully and most likely things will go together well.

    Just in case there is a problem, here is another reference to help troubleshoot any issues: "System won't boot" and "no video output" checklist
  2. Thanks a lot man! That really helped a a lot.But I guess I'm still having some problems. See, my fans all have these three pin connectors that are adapted to these four pin connectors. But my motherboard only has ONE four pin connector and the booklet says its part of the ATX power supply plugs and its an EZ plug. Do I interconnect all of the adapters together and leave one spot for one connector, therefore the fans would have energy? Also this, I as listed above and below, I have an EVGA GeForce GTX 460 graphics card and on the side of it it has ATX plugs for the energy, my battery module already has all of the other plugs connected on the mother board so I don't really have anything to connect it too. BUT, luckily the EVGA graphics card gave me these ATX adapters, so like the fans they have these 4 pin connectors at the end of them. Now, I'm not sure if its a good idea to focus on one places energy but, do I connect this with the fans also and merge them all on one place? Which is the same place as where I suggested above for the fans.

    My system is this. A 932 HAF chassis with a Coolermaster 700wat battery module, an EVGA GeForce GTX 460 graphics card, the Rampage III Formula motherboard, a Seagate 2TB hard drive, and.. well, like a goddamn idiot I didn't do enough research and I bought the AMD Phenom II 1100T Black Edition Six Core Processor.. FOR AN INTEL BOARD, FUUUUU. That part really hurt me :/ the worst part is that I broke the seal so I have no idea if I could even return it...
  3. Bummer about the CPU. You can only try to send it back, and see if they will only charge you a restocking fee. If you have not thrown any of the packageing away, I would think you should be allright. One of the criticisms of the HAF 932 is that the cut out behind the motherboard does not line up with the holes that accept the heat sink for the cpu. You may have to remove the motherboard before you can install the heat sink and fan.

    Do the 4 pin connectors look like this? Molex 4 pin connectors ...or do they look like this? 4 pin PWM connector. You can always do this: 4 pin to 3 pin. If your 4 pin connectors are the big, fat ones, then there should be plenty of those to attach directly from your power supply. Your power supply is modular, which means there are separate cables that attach to the supply itself and connect on the other end to the components. Look in the PSU box to see if there are more cables there. They might be in a separate bag or something like that. There should also be several fan connectors of the three pin kind on your motherboard.

    For your video card, there should be 6 pin cables that attach to your power supply, and have PCIe labeled on them. I am not sure what you mean by your battery module, but the motherboard only takes a 24 pin connector and an 8 pin connector (4X4) at the top. It looks like you have the motherboard connected properly. Is there another set of cables that came with the power supply? It should have plenty, and you should not have to resort to connecting the adapter for a single card like you are suggesting.
  4. If you have a big heat sink then yea, you'll need to install it outside of the chassis. And the 4 pins are Molex's, yea. The second picture on the second link though, thats what one of the male connectors look like, but instead of 4 holes it has three, and then the adapter that ends up with the molex. Should I disconnect the adapters and put the 3 holed PWM's in the optional fan prongs across the board? Its because my power supply didn't bring any extra cables, I'm guessing if I want to directly connect them I would need to buy the additional pieces. What about that one male molex? Is that useless, or can I only install one?
  5. Woah lucky me, my EVGA card brang two 6 pin adapters for the battery. Though theres only three prongs on the male molex's, and theres only male molexs. Thats okay right? This means I can connect the female molex's on these and I'll be set for the fans correct? The female connectors are left alone though, can I use that for my hard drives? They're directly connected to the fans though, so I don't know if thats a good idea.
  6. The bundle of cables is shown here, and should contain several with 4 pin molex connectors: COOLER MASTER Silent Pro M700

    I think I see what you are talking about now - that board has two extra 4 pin molex connectors and two 8 pin connectors - that is three more than usual. Wow - what a ton of power is going into that board. You could chain the the 4 pin connectors before you plug them into the board if the wires will not reach to the the three pin connectors on the board.

    You really should have a an aftermarket heat sink for this rig - it is built to overclock, and needs extra cooling. Have you looked at the purchasing something that will do it justice? Noctua NH-D14 120mm & 140mm SSO CPU Cooler for $92
  7. Holy crap dude! haha I found that whole bundle tied up in a corner, i forgot that I was going to check out what it was later. And yea, but.. check out this thread -->

    As the thread says I messed up and apparently I should get a new mobo, so one of those. Will I still need that extra cooling if I get that? Well anyways, I bought this before I even bought my computer so either way im safe, right?

    And with those extra 6 pins that the EVGA brung, will it be a good idea to interconnect those with the rest or no? Sorry for all these millions of questions, you're really helping me out a lot, I appreciate it bro.
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    No problem, AcronymBlooc, I do this for a hobby.

    Here is your chiller compared to some others: Thermaltake SpinQ Review. It will work on any solution that you come up with.

    I tend to agree with 3lvis' second suggestion: If you can't send it back and have a Microcenter near by (or a friend that lives near one), buy a i7 950 for ~ $200. that is my preference, because I think that motherboard you already have rocks, and would get some killer performance out of an I7 chip.

    Mosox gives good advice, however, and if you want to keep the AMD CPU go ahead and buy one of the boards he is suggesting.

    Don't use the extra adapter that EVGA included unless you really need it - the Molex power that feeds it is not as good as a direct 6 pin connection.
  9. Ahh, so I don't exactly need it. And yea, one of the plugs brang a full 6 pin connector. Maybe if im pumping enough juice ill install it but otherwise I wont. Again, thanks alot man!
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