6950 or not?

Hi everyone . I can't make up my mind I currently have a gtx 470 and it is starting to lag. Not much but I think it is because it's clock speed of 607mhz . So I've been wanting to upgrade to the hd 6950 or mayb gtx570 even the hd 6970. The 6950 has a clock speed of 800mhz and 2gb gddr5 . Can someone please help me what to do?

I5 3.6 ghz
4gb ddr3 1333mhz
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  1. Going from a GTX 470 to a ATI 6950 is not worth the money to upgrade. The 6950 is faster than the GTX 470. But in my opinion, it's not a big enough difference to upgrade to the 6950 from a 470.

    What game and resolution are you playing that a GTX 470 is "starting to lag"?

    By the way: Clock Speed is meaningless. ATI cards always have higher clock speeds than nVidia cards. Their architectures are dramatically different. Just like most AMD processors have higher stock clock speeds than Intel CPUs. Yet somehow, those "slower" Intel CPUs end up performing faster. ;)
  2. Jerreece is right. The 6950 should perform better on average than the GTX 470, but not by a large margin and not in every title. Here's a link to the 6950 review- the 470 is in every benchmark comparison chart. GTX 470 => HD 6950 is more of a sidegrade than an upgrade.


    What games are you playing, and at what resolution? Have you compared your framerates to those of benchmarks for GTX 470? If your performance isn't where it should be you may have some kind of other issues (driver, etc).

    Now, if you really do want to upgrade-- Assuming your motherboard is SLI compatible, a better option would be to upgrade to a solid (probably 850w-ish) PSU and get a second GTX 470 and pair them up. 470's are a pretty good deal right now at around $260 (if you are in the US) and you can get a Corsair TX850w for around $130. This costs a little more than a 6950 (around $280 in the US), but you already have one card, and two 470's are vastly faster/more powerful than a 6950/6970. This will give you the best bang for your upgrade dollar based on what you are currently running!
  3. Oh oky cool thang for the advise man:) it's dirt2 but it's not realy that bad I just thought it had something to do with the clock speed but no I understand. If you had a choice between the 570 and 6950 what would it be? Just curious ? Lol but thanx alot!:D
  4. I'm playing black ops and mafia 2 and dirt2. But ya I think I'm going to take your advise. But my Mboard just doesn't cut the sli capability so I looked at the formula gene 3. And then a bigger psu. And mayb later another gpu then thanx for the advise guys it solved my problem lol:)
  5. The GTX570 is about 10% faster than the 6950 according to the performance chart. Mafia 2 is a PhysX game, so you would need to stick with Nvidia to enable the PhysX effects.
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