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I have an Intel Core 2 Duo E6300.

I have not done any overclocking, or any playing around with it, it is simply a stock processor on an intel DG965WH board.

I was told the maximum temperature for this CPU, is around 61C.

A game I play (EVE Online) recently released a new expansion and some players have seen CPU temperatures rising, and I wanted to make sure mine was okay.

With that being said, what is causing the CPU to heat up. I checked the bios and there were only 3 different settings I could play around with, and they were all on.

Is there something else I can do so the fan on the CPU increases it's RPM's when the CPU heats up?

It's lowest temp was 50C, and it is around 63C right now with the game running.

It appears this is the game causing this, because I don't see issues on other games.

I was also curious what it should be running at, while at idle, just sitting here on the internet?

I have 2 intake fans, and 2 exhaust fans, with 1 fan on the side of the case.
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  1. Using the stock Intel heatsink? You can do better for as little as $30. Thermaltake and scythe make some good cooling products. I check newegg's open box section for deals, since heatsinks usually have all the clips and accessories included. The motherboards don't. 63c won't hurt the cpu, and is within Intel's specs, but a better heatsink should lower your max to under 60c.
  2. What are you using to measure temps with? Tcase max is around 60-62c for that chip don't remember exactly. Core temp or tjunction max is somewhere around 85c. I'm assuming your measuring core temperatures so I would say your running a bit warm but not too bad overall.

    Your running stock fan and stock frequency correct? When was the last time you cleaned the cpu fan and case for dust?
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