Hey everyone, I just bought a LG FLATRON W2340VG. I love the monitor and have been playing with the settings. I've decided to reset it to factory preset. Will doing this reduce the life of the monitor or cause damage to it? I ask because I am unfamiliar with how these monitors set themselves and I don't know how the factory reset is supposed to work, can it be used anytime as often as wanted or is it a a once or twice last ditch effort kind of thing? Thank you.
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  1. It will not harm anything. It will simply change the settings back to its default configuration. No foul, no harm. You can do as often as you like.

    Good luck!
  2. No esplosions here.
  3. Yes the factory preset will self destruct the monitor. They are hoping you will use this feature so it blows up and then they can replace it for you.

    This has to be the DUMBEST question ever posted on THG.
  4. There are no dumb questions. Its all good. HOOAH!!!
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