Cisco RV042 - Dual WAN - protocol binding doesn't work?

I really hope this is possible as it's why I bought the router. I guess I thought it'd be easier!

I have two ISPs: Broadstripe cable and Speakeasy DSL. The Broadstripe cable downloads very fast but has latency spikes that are unacceptable when gaming. Speakeasy DSL downloads pretty slowly but is perfectly stable and consistent with low latency for gaming.

Simply put, I would like to route nearly all traffic (web browsing/downloading, torrent downloads, etc) to WAN1, which is the Broadstripe cable. However, I would like World of Warcraft to use only the Speakeasy DSL on WAN2. In this manner I'd have consistently low latency in WoW, while enjoying the quick speeds of Broadstripe cable for everything else.

Is this possible? I've tinkered and toiled with the Protocol Binding options but for the life of me cannot get the results I seek. For example I've set all traffic on NNTP port 119 to bind to WAN1 and have set the ports WoW uses to WAN2, however if I download using a newsreader on port 119 I still find that latency increases in WoW.

I'm also not confident the protocol binding is even working at all. I have protocol binding set such that port 80 and 8080 are supposed to use only WAN1. However just now as I was browsing the Internet I began getting "Resolving host" hangs, and of course nothing would load. This seemed oddly like an issue I've had with my Speakeasy over the past year or two where the modem needs to be reset as it'll claim it has service but in fact doesn't. So I changed the RV042 Dual WAN setting to SmartLink Backup to use WAN1 (Broadstripe cable) ONLY, and everything is fine. I changed it to use WAN2 (Speakeasy DSL) ONLY and it had the "Resolving host" hangs. This led me to believe the Speakeasy modem needed rebooting, so I did that. Now it's working again, and I can use either WAN. My issue here isn't that Speakeasy's connection went down, but rather that the RV042 is supposed to be directing all HTTP traffic to WAN1 and instead must have been directing some through WAN2 (or else I wouldn't have had the Resolving host issue).

I am thinking I may need to return this router as it's not accomplishing what I hoped. I've been messing with it for three days now and have really gotten no results aside from having both the Broadstripe and Speakeasy connected and used at the same time. Unfortunately I don't want to use the Speakeasy other than for gaming, and this router's ability to direct certain ports to certain WANs seems nonfunctional at best.

Has anyone used Dual WAN to accomplish what I would like? Can anyone recommend ways to accomplish it with this Cisco RV042 router, or a similar router that would work properly for this?

Thank you in advance.
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  1. I'll amend this by saying it must work in at least some capacity. The reason I say this is when I change the RV042's protocol binding for port 80 (HTTP) to WAN2, I can visit and it will come back as my Speakeasy DSL IP. The protocol binding must be working if it does this. I'm not understanding why it won't route my torrents, HTTP, NNTP, and other traffic ONLY through WAN1 (Broadstripe cable) though.
  2. Nix this. It's working, just not as I expect. I'll create a new topic.
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