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Ultra-low-cost upgrade: Hybrid Crossfire or New Card?

I'm running the appended setup, and I'm looking for an extra little boost in gaming. I know I'm a long way off the state-of-the-art setup, but I don't want to spend much because I'm looking for a major upgrade once Bulldozer, AM3r2 and PCIe3 come along.

As I understand it, I can Hybrid Crossfire with HD 3450 or HD 3470. I see some choices in the $20 region online (e.g. this HD 3450-based card or this HD 3470-based card. Alternatively, I could get something to stand alone (e.g. this 9400 GT-based card or this HD 4550-based card). Alternatively, I could prepare for the switch to Windows 7 and get a DirectX 11 capable card (e.g. this HD 5450-based card or this HD 5450-based card).

Which setup would give me more oomph?

Windows XP SP3
Samsung T240HD (1920x1200)

Athlon II X4 640
MSI 785G-E53 (Radeon HD 4200 on board)
2 x 2GB DDR3 1600
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    The performance gained by Hybrid CF really isn't worth sticking with the older technology needed to make it work. Adding a $20 HD3450 or HD3470 will be okay for general computing, and even light gaming, but don't expect much regarding Hybrid CF.

    If you went with a HD4550 or HD4650, you would be better off than with the Hybrid CF solution.

    My recommendation, the more oomph would come from the HD4550/HD4650 (especially a DDR3 HD4650). However, hard to not want to play with a $20 Hybrid CF solution as long as you don't expect the moon in return.
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