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Im being cheap and want to get more performance without spending too much money. Trying to spend as least amount as i can. My PC right now is an Emachines ET1331g-03w with a few mods. Added a Cooler master 650w PSU, Cooler master heat piped (3 pipes) cpu cooler, another HDD and a EVGA GTX 570.

The Athlon II x2 235e @2.7ghz is the bottleneck. I though about putting a better processor in but research led me to believe this mobo can only handle 65w processors. So im looking for a replacement mobo that supports the same ram, and cpu but has over clocking features. The memory in speccy is reading 6.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 401MHz (6-6-6-18) and the motherboard is reading MCP61PM-GM.

Im on newegg looking for a board right now and was wondering about the memory standard. If i choose a motherboard with a standard of ddr2 1066/ddr31600 could i use my same ram i have now and later upgrade? Or should i just get a mobo with the best DDR3 standard and buy a couple sticks of ram along with it. I am trying to be cheap here.

TL;DR Looking for a new motherboard to switch over all my components but has overclocking ability.
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  1. Im doing the power search on newegg, the only part i dont understand is the ram. Im trying to find something that supports the same ram, but also has room for upgrades.
    Also not sure if my processor is AM3 or AM2+. The board supports AM2 according to http://www.e4allupgraders.info/dir1/motherboards/socketam2/ecsMCP61PM-GM.shtml

    but the 235e is only AM3 according to http://shop.amd.com/US/All/Detail/Processor/AD235EHDGQBOX
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