Need Help on picking out a case

I need a small m-atx case and these r my top 2 choices right now I just dont know which one to choose between these 2, any help? and my price limit is about $40.
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  1. Well, one is MicroATX only, so it's smaller. The other is ATX or MicroATX, so it would let you change to an ATX motherboard later, if you wanted to - means it's bigger, though. You did say small MicroATX case, so you might want the MicroATX only case.

    Neither includes a power supply - I hope you have a budget for a decent power supply, and that it fits (one of the comments mentions limits on power supply size).
  2. I would pick the top one which is a true mATX case.
  3. Yea I have a corsair 550w psu. i might pick the top one, just because i dont wanna take the chance and have the psu not fit in the other one
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