No mouse works with my PC

My PC has the same problem with ANY mouse cordless or not and they work flawlessly on other PCs. Problem is withscroll wheel or using scroll bar on a page. It scrolls as ifthere is smovement UNDER the page plus it takes forever to make any distance up or down.
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    sounds like your drivers are corrupt... go into system and delete them, if your using win7
    on reboot new 1s will install and hopefully fix it.
    if not then you can try sfc/scannow in the run you will need an o.s disk though.
    this will replace any corrupted o.s files
  2. I have XP and wondering what drivers specifically. Mouse, graphics or what. What does sfc/scannow mean? OS System disc is available but does that mean i have to replace the whole op system? Sorry but I am not an expert.
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  4. no the sfc/scannow will just replace any broken files in your o.s it will take a while but thats mostly down to scanning and comparing the files.
    as your using xp you will need to install the mouse drivers manually. either go to the mouse manufactures website if its a 3rd party 1 like a razer or logitech.
    the microsoft default 1s should be repaired when you run sfc/scannow.
  5. Thabks, but, I got held up with time constraints and will try as soon as I can and advise. hankbuck
  6. Dont laugh but as I was about to start I was shocked to see the problem was not there. It's gone! This is after I reinstalled the drivers and scanned for disk errors, and some other measures. I can only trace it to doing a Windows update and sifting through the optionals for any graphic drivers and or update and even that was not conclusive, hence my entree in Tom's Hardware. One other thing and maybe this had more to do than a little bit. All of the bells and whistles for browsers and packages dealing with microsoft for your email and browser. My deal is I dont like outlook and never have. I have only ever used AOL in the way past and went to hot mail and was way happy. Every so often and now it tries to add featues like silverlight, and constnt attempts to funnel through loser MSN. I looked at my control panel and it was loaded with these different leech like deals. I started to look at them and stripped out any that had no activity. I am not a hermit but it appears that the bulk of this stuff is a teenybopper attraction combinig social networking, messaging and similar needy apps. heck maybe I am a hermit but these features are intrusive and not presented with any explanation that I can see. Perfectly easy to download and not real essential they are a perfect kindling for disaster and thats that for me. I would not doubt that these things had something to do indirectly with my mouse problems. I am not sure but it is not a problem any more. So, thanks for your effort and I am keeping my fingers crossed.
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