Just upgraded everything on my computer (mobo, psu, GPU, cpu, RAM, CD Drive) Basically everything but HDD. After about a week my mobo stopped POSTing so I RMA'd it and received my replacement today.

I got everything hooked up and powered it on, and still no POST. I tested to make sure my processor was heating up (it was) swapped on RAM sticks, even tried powering essentials... and still nothing. I am literally running out of patience and options...

Could it possibly be my HDD causing my mobo not to POST?

MSI 870A-G46
AMD 3.6ghz Quad-core
8gb DDR3 RAM
750W PSU

Thanks for the help.
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  1. Ok, if you have a multi meter check and make sure the powersupply is sending a 5 volt good signal to the motherboard diagram located here
    Please tell us what make and model powersupply you have, I need to check the specs on it to ensure it has enough on the 12 volt line to push your gear.
    Make sure the 8 pin CPU power connector is pluged in on the motherboard.
    Another good thing to check is the configuration of the ram. Some motherboards require ram to be in the correct sockets or they wont POST
    No, your HDD will not cause your system to not post.
    Also, can you be more specific as to which AMD quad core you have there are lots of them these days.
  2. My PowerSuppy is from Thermaltake, it is 750W (Link:

    The 8 pin (2 4pin connectors) are plugged in nice and tight.

    I have put each of my 2 sticks in every single RAM slot, and even my buddies RAM sticks and still nothing.

    I have the 3.6ghz Quad-core black edition, 125W Deneb socket AM3.

    I don't have a multi-meter check however everything gets power to it when I do power on.

    New update: Still No beeps even with no RAM or GPU plugged in to the mobo.
  3. Ok, lets try this step by step. Seems like we need to be systematic about this. I know this is going to seem silly. Just work with me.
    Check the jumpers on the motherboard, make sure they are in the correct positions especially the clear CMOS jumper
    Unplug everything and remove everything.
    Make sure the motherboard is properly screwed into the chassis using stand offs in all spots they should be in (I say this to ensure proper grounding)
    Plug in the main power connector and cpu pwer connector only (see if the board gives any post beeps)
    If it does start installing and testing parts in this order
    RAM (I checked the motherboard's book, Ram must be installed in DIMM 1 for a successful boot)
    If you do not get any positive results consider returning the board and getting a different one. I checked newegg and found lots of people having the same issue and then the same issue with the replacement board. MSI's customer service has said the following to several people with non posting motherboards of this same model.
    "Dear Valued MSI Customer,
    We would like to apologize for the issue you have experienced with this particular MB. Please email me directly via your MB's serial number and your complete contact information, subject heading "EAH870A-G46". I would like to help you get this resolved"

    Note I am in no way affiliated with MSI or any other OEM computer parts manufacturer.
    Note in my previous responce i said the HDD would not cause your motherboard to not POST... I did find someone else who said they couldnt get the board to post with a SATA HDD attached... Never seen that before... sorry =/
    Also, I would not recommend sending the motherboard back so quickly if I didnt see so many people with the same issue. 10 individual DOA reports and i havnt even checked other sites.
  4. First off, I want to thank you for your help and quick replies Carnage, I appreciate it. However, even with just the cpu power connector and main power connector there wast still no POST beeps.

    I have already contacted Newegg and asked for a refund... I am just going to purchase a different motherboard from Gigabyte.

    Yeah, one of those reviews on Newegg was mine, I was hoping to get lucky, but apparently not.

    Thanks again man.
  5. No problem, this was a fun use of my day... nestalgic of a time when I would repair 20+ machines of all different types a day. Thankfully I get paid alot more now then the 7 dollars an hour I got for that job =) Down side being I only get to work on a select set of machines now =(
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