TJ max temp for my i5-2400

First of all i want to know that what is distance to TJ MAX?
I have overclocked my processor....Base clock = 105.30 Mhz and the Core ratio =38....
so it gets to 4ghz....
Using RealTemp the temperatures at idle are with stock cooler and cooler master nano fusion applied...

Core 0=45~47 C idle At max load all cores =58~60C
Core 1=48~49 C ilde
Core 2=47~48 C idle
Core 3=47~48 C idle

Now the the TJ max
Core 0=49~53 idle
Core 1=49~50 idle
Core 2=49~51 idle
Core 3=50~53 idle

i want to know that what is the safe level of distance to TJ MAX?????

thank u....

My current rig:

i5-2400 @4ghz
MSI P67A-C43
Cooler Master CM ELITE 371
Cooler Master 550W
1TB hitachi 7K1000.C
3 cooler master LED 120mms fan....1 right at the top of processor...1 at the rear end of case and the last one at the front end of case...
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  1. Safe distance to tjmax is debatable,but most will probably say 20 to 30c, 30c or more being ideal.
  2. TjMax for Sandy Bridge is 98ºC. This is the point at which major damage can occur due to temperature. The CPU should auto-throttle to save itself before it ever gets to that temp.

    To keep a Sandy Bridge system happy long-term (stock or overclocked):
    1. Keep peak Prime95 core temps below 75ºC
    2. Keep CPU voltage below 1.4v
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