I need a new am3 mobo

So my Current system is:

Phenomx II x2 555BE

Xigmatek Loki cooler

Msi 880gm-e41 mobo

Radeon HD 6850 (HIS version)

WD caviar blue 500gb

Lite-on @4x DVDR/RW

Corsiar builders series 500w

When I got the motherboard it seemed okay, but now the board simply doesn't work right, none of the features of the board work right (including their bios flashing feature) and I can't even touch the voltages. Because of this I know that my cpu can run as an x3 at 4.0ghz and if I was able to up the voltages I'm willing to bet the fourth core would be stable. It's just out of newegg's return policy and I don't feel like paying for shipping and taking a crap shoot that the replacement works right.

additionally I am planning to get a better gpu,
Msi twin frozr OC 560 ti (I know getting a Msi card after my problem with the mobo :pt1cable: )

I don't have any intentions of doing crossfire, nor do I need a bunch of pci slots or anything. I just need a reliable am3 matx or atx board with core unlock and (hopefully) 6 core support that's it.

If you made if through my post and still want to help thanks :bounce:
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  1. I got the Asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB3, with a 1090T. Haven't had any MOBO related issues.
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