Graphics card for Silverstone SG07

Hi all,

Just looking at building a new PC, and I think I'll go with a Silverstone SG07. I like
the size (current one is an old Shuttle) and the 600W PSU.

Wanted to check with people here if anyone with this case have any thoughts on what
graphics card to go for.

Looking at the case, it seems like any designs are OK, as long as they only have one
fan to make best use of the cases design for funneling air to the GPU.

Any one here with a card that was a perfect match for the case, or anyone
with a really bad experience that I should avoid completely ?

I'm looking for something like a 5770 or equivalent.

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  1. Quote:
    " The Sugo SG07, with a size that slots in between the venerable SG01 Micro-ATX SFF case from 2005 and the SG05, a powerful Mini-ITX case released in 2009, was designed to take the Mini-ITX platform to a whole new level. It is twice as powerful as the SG05 but only 37% bigger. Its custom 600W power supply with 80 PLUS Bronze level efficiency and single +12V rail, was carefully chosen and optimized for SG07.

    Exhaustive testing was conducted to create unique VGA fan duct and exhaust vents that enable SG07 to not only accommodate the longest consumer graphics cards physically (up to 12.2 inches/310mm) but also capable of supporting graphics thermal profile of up to 400W through overclocking. For the CPU and motherboard area, a record-breaking use of 180mm fan (bigger than the Mini-ITX motherboard!) with vortex generating design was utilized to provide possibility of fanless CPU cooling of up to 95W (via CPU cooler such as SilverStone’s NT06-E).

    But despite having tremendous amount of cooling performance, the SG07 is easy to maintain as well. It employs positive pressure layout with all intake areas fitted with removable filters so dust will not accumulate inside. If the goal is to make the ultimate Mini-ITX system, the SG07 is hard to beat. "

    Yeah that's why I'm looking at building using it. :)

    I just wanted to check if anyone actually had a personal success/disaster stories to share
    for specific graphics cards that they've installed in this case.
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