Gtx 570 sli vs 6970 crossfire

hey i am looking to upgrade my videocard because i think my 4870x2 is about to die on me.

i am between the 570 sli or the 6970 crossfire i am liking the more memory the 6970 offers and the possibility of eyefinity but on the other hand the 3d seems interesting. At the moment i have i am using one monitor for my gaming while the other one just to surf or if i have too look up something or watch a movie.

any advice would be awsome thanks
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  1. Are you running Intel or AMD ? What Chipset ?
  2. i am running intel
    i7 920
    12 gig memory
    1 x ssd
    1 x wd black
  3. Both have 3D support. I would say go towards the SLI'd 570's, although Crossfire scales better than it did before.
  4. Quote:
    what resolution do you play at.?
    higher resolutions the SLI will equal the x-fire but overall performance goes to the x-fire, in this case.
    the HD6970 is more a match-up for the GTX580 and not the GTX570.
    so if going with these two choices the HD6870 x-fire is better performance wise than the GTX570 SLI.
    I say that reluctantly becuase I prefer nVidia.. LOL

    I'm going to respectfully disagree, and point out that the 570 and 6970 are more equals with the 580 out in front. Unless the game is being played on a 30" monitor, then the performance will mostly be equal and will depend on the game. In any event, temperatures approaching 100c and noise levels that Hardware Heaven calls "unbearable" make the 6970 in Crossfire a less attractive option.
  5. CF 6970: better on very high resolutions (like 5760x1200) with triple monitors because of more RAM. In some cases even 580GTX SLI runs into RAM size bottleneck at those resolutions.
    CF 6970: more AA choices including morphological.
    CF 6970: Can use more than three monitors.

    SLI570: better 3D
    SLI570: PhysX

    There are reasons to go with any of them.
  6. Quote:
    I know that the GTX580 is better than the HD6970, I know this MAN...! (Smokey in Friday... LOL)
    but it's better to compare the HD6970 with it and not the GTX570.
    the GTX570 is slightly less in the performance then the HD6970.
    it's kinda like the HD5770 being in between the GTS450 and GTX460 being closer of course to the GTS450..
    that's all I'm saying.....
    my daily - matto
    shout out.

    And a shout out to you too, bud. But I'm still going with the stock single GTX570 is usually better than a single stock 6970. Don't force me to pull out one of my performance summary charts that shows the 570 outperforming the 6970 by 1%!
  7. Very similar performance at very similar price points with very similar power consumption. If any of the features mentioned here jump out at you, use them as a decision point. If not, use personal preference for green or red team. If neither, flip a coin.
  8. Quote:
    but I like charts...

    (That first attempt didn't work so well.)
  9. 1%? That is well within an error margin. Plus, new cards, drivers are not matured, plus ATI has history of overall lower quality drivers, though I did not experience any serious driver issues with any of these brands.
  10. Mmm yeah stav so aside from all this fanboy business, with that i7 i would run the 570 SLI, the 6970's are faster cards...In AMD rigs. Its kind-of a catch 22 since AMD bought out ATI. These top end ATI cards have gotten alot faster but due to the AMD ownership AMD's cpu and chipset technolgy is working its way into ATI GPU's creating closer more specific integration of AMD CPU'S and ATI GPU'S (ATI actualy no linger exits, but i believe AMD will continue to carry the radeon name)

    Hop this helps, good luck
  11. do you think the 1 gig of memory instead ati 2 gig of memory would be a problem with upcoming gamings. I love buying games and trying them so i really need it to be fine for atleast 1 year hopefully a bit more

    thanks for all the replies
  12. stav said:
    do you think the 1 gig of memory instead ati 2 gig of memory would be a problem with upcoming gamings. I love buying games and trying them so i really need it to be fine for atleast 1 year hopefully a bit more

    thanks for all the replies

    We still haven't heard what resolution you game at. That is the key to the memory issue.
  13. I agree with matto if you want a specific answer, general answer having lots of ram is never a bad thing (FYI unless its on a really small interface like 64bit, The 2 set-ups you are considering are well above that)
  14. well at the moment i game at 1680x1050 because i am in the market also for monitors but buying the monitors depends on what card i chose lol. i might buy the asus or alienware 3d monitors with an extra monitor for watching movies or surfing the net while i play if i got nvidia or i will buy 3 monitors the same for eyefinity if i go with ati i was thinking the 27" asus monitor cant rememebr the model
  15. Reviews I saw showed the 6950 as offering 95-98%% of the Crossfire performance of 6970s.....; based on that, I'd not even consider actually buying a 6970s.
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