Frount headphone not working

freinds plz help me, i'm used windo xp, my mother board AsusALC883/ALC662, my front headphone point is not working, i allredy cheek hardwear property, plz help me, my email id, thanx
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  1. Top tip, Amanpreet...never, ever publicise your personal email address like that.

    As for your headphones, has it worked previously and now stopped working, or has it never worked?
  2. try reversing the leads to the motherboard header.......
  3. Try to plug the head phones in from the back of your computer, see if that works. Front panel ports tend to die out, and many people reject to even us them due to poor quality and risk.
  4. I used to have this problem, you need to disable the drivers for your onboard sound so it will default to your card, or vise versa. You don't need to uninstall them or remove them, just disable.
  5. I'm having a similar issue, except that it will play the sound through my HDMI cable to my TV, and when I plug in my headset it still plays through TV. Do I also need to disable the driver and then re-enable when I want the sound back through there?

    I also left my headset plugged in, left for a few hours, and the sound was all coming through the head set, but when I unplugged, I couldn't get it back through my TV...haha. Any suggestions?

    Also, my computer seems to think I never have a mic plugged in either.
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