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Front chasis USB 2.0 help...

EDIT: I guess I forced it in enough to the USB header on the motherboard, the problem is solved. I just don't understand was motherboards like Asus package little inserts that you stick into those headers THEN stick you plugin into it. My problem was trying to use that little addon and when I plugged my USB cord into it the pins wouldn't go all the way into it.

I was trying to plugin my case's (HAF X) USB 2.0 into my motherboard. There are two ports, both blue and even say USB under them. I can't get the USB plug to go full into it, about a centimeter of the pins are still showing. I'm being pretty forceful too!

This is the motherboard, you can see at the bottom where the two usb 2.0 chasis plugins are.
This is my case that has USB 2.0 in the front that I'm trying to plugin to the motherboard...
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  1. The little blue thing sitting on my PSU is what I was referring too. What's the point of that? And I can't get my usb plug to fully fit it, the pins won't go all the way in.

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    You dont need that adapter. Set it aside and dont use it.
  3. Exactly, just don't use it.
  4. I got one the same item, it is fine for you to use it or not!
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