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I currently am running two 9800 GTX in SLI. I pretty much only play Lord of the Rings Online and sometimes Civilization V. It seems to run well, but recently it seems I've had to decrease my graphics settings in LotRO so I'm thinking I should get a new card. I've always been partial to NVIDIA cards and was looking at getting a GTX 560 when its released, but am considering a GTX 570. I run at 1920x1080. Any opinions?
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  1. Either card should be fine, just depends on your budget. Of course the 570 would perform better, but the 560 isn't a bad deal.

    I'm personally waiting to get the 570; I'm just not in a hurry right now because most of the games I want to play aren't out until March. Right now I mostly play SC2, which runs fine with my 8800 GTS SLI setup.
  2. When the 560 is released on January 25th, that will make it easier to decide. I think the key points will be the difference in price, ~$75, and whether or not you like to overclock your video card. If you can overclock on your own, it seems like an overclocked 560 will meet or beat the 570 in performance (of course, you can also overclock the 570).

    It will really be interesting to see how an overclocked 560 does against an overclocked 570. Early reports show that the 560 might have considerable overclocking headroom.
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