EVGA 131-GT-E767-TR

I have heard that the EVGA 131-GT-E767-TR has 3 pci slots for graphics cards, however will it be able to hold 3 hd radeon 7970's? Would someone reccomend this motherboard for an i7-960 cpu? I am trying to build a pc this summer, I also understand the technology moves quickly and by that time these may be considered obsolete components but I would like to know for future research on motherboards and computers in general. Thank you
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  1. That board is designed for 3 graphics cards, so yes, it'll hold three 7970's. I generally don't recommend EVGA boards at all, but I gues as a low priced alternative to Asus and Gigabyte, it's OK.

    It's already outdated technology as it's based on the LGA1366 socket, which has been discontinued for a while now. But if you already have the CPU for it, then I guess you need a board that fits the CPU. If you don't have a cpu for it yet, hold off a little while and buy a new cpu based on the LGA 2011 socket.
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