Upgrading a 512 DDR3 5570 to a 1024 DDR5 5670

Will I see much gain? BTW, I'm running a dual core AMD 240 2.8 gig 1 HD and 1 DVD 2 ddr3 mem sticks with a Coolermaster 400 PS.
Thoughts? Thanks in advance,
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  1. I upgraded from 9400Gt to 5670 and got tremendous gain,
    basically in my opinion, the 5670 was created for crossfire
    otherwise if you get 5770 you'll definitely see gain, but for that you'll need 500W PSU
  2. Buy the cheaper 512MB version of the HD 5670.

    See following benchmarks which compares both versions of the HD 5670 and an overclocked HD 5670:


    The performance boost from the HD 5570 will probably be about 25%.
  3. Upgrading a video card even for a 25% gain (I think that's being very optimistic), is just a waste of money in my opinion. If your not upgrading and getting twice the performance, then whats the point of spending the money?
  4. Thanks all for the replys, I guess the alternative is to upgrade the psu and go for a 5770. I really don't want to mess with that at this time so I might wait awhile and pick up a 5670 at a distressed price down the road. And I would opt for the 512 version. Thanks again,
  5. Quote:
    are those the only options that you have.?

    Only options without replacing the psu. I only do very light gaming so I'll stick with the 5570 for now. Most of the games I play ( Fate series, Fable, TW 2008, Madden 2008, Galactic Civ, Titan Quest, Diablo series, etc) all run fine on the 5570. So I'm good for now. Thanks for asking.
  6. Quote:
    u think so huh, what's the psu and maybe I can enlighten u with some good actual facts.....:D
    seriously, what u got.?

    Coolermaster Elite 400 PSU which actualy got a decent review on the Hardware Secrets site. Can really deliver its power but has too much noise to be recommended. Anyway, thanks but since I mainly play older games the 5570 is ok for now. Thanks again,
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    yes, it seems so but I like the HD5670 for you a little better.
    you will thank me if you get that card over the HD5570.

    Agreed - I will buy a 5670 once the price drops a bit and maybe get 25% gain. Thanks again.
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