Bios not booting after hard drive format

I recently had to wipe my wife's hard drive after she had loaded some "windows" programs (they were NOT windows programs, and jacked her computer). I took the hard drive out of the case, formatted it on my computer, then stuck it back in her case. Unfortunately, I forgot to set it to boot from CD and when I powered it up I got nothing, no bios at all, and it would not boot from the Windows disc. Seeing that I am not getting any BIOS at start up, is there something wrong with the motherboard itself? I may be showing my ignorance but this is how we all learn...any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.
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  1. Try removing the BIOS battery from the mobo for a while (a few seconds) and put it back in in order to reset:

    LE Power off the PC first.
  2. Removing the mobo bios battery didnt work, I get the same results when powering up. I hear the HDD winding up, everything else is video problems...anyone else have any ideas?
  3. Does the screen show anything at all?
  4. Nope totally blank. Very Perplexing.
  5. What MB is it, and does it beep after power up?
  6. it does beep once, and it's a gigabyte GA-M61PME-S2P.
  7. Disconnect and reconnect the monitor.
  8. ok let me try that real quick. I disconnected it once to pull the bios battery out but i'
    ll try it again. btw thanks a ton for your help~
  9. If it beeps once, it should be all good. Try hitting the Delete key a couple times before it beeps.
  10. nope still no signal
  11. Are you positive the monitor works?
  12. Power off the monitor and then on again, it looks like the PC is running but you have no video. Do you have a dedicated video card or you're running an onboard one? Try some other video port for the monitor. Do you have some other monitor to test the PC with?
  13. also rebooted, tried hitting delete as it powered up, no bios. Argh. Looking like a toughie here.
  14. Did you bump any cables while moving the PC around?
  15. the video card is dedicated, an older gigabyte 8600 (or something like that). It had onboard video however. Let me disconnect the card and see if it boots into bios.
  16. Try to get another monitor, we must rule that one out. If no success, it must be the video card.
  17. BINGO! Duh. The video card went out. LOL not more than a year old too. Thanks a TON for the help my friend.
  18. Does your mobo have a video port for the monitor? If it does try that one too.
  19. Atleast you have onboard video as a back-up
  20. Oops, yep he has one, forgot to google his mobo and see. If the video card is 1 y.o. it should have warranty or something.
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