Hd 2600 pro ddr3 vs 7600gt ddr3, which is the best one?

I have an computer which consists of
- PSU : colorsit 450w noname ( 226.5w real)
- CPU: Pentium 4 3ghz
- Ram 1GB
- Main: intel D945gccr
I want to upgrade my computer. I am going to buy a VGA, but I don't know which the best one to play pes 11 is: hd 2600 pro ddr3 vs 7600gt ddr3
Please help me by choosing the best one for my computer.
I want to play pes 11. I don't know my PSu can provide enough electricity.

Sorry for my English knowledge.
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  1. The 7600GT is a better card. What motherboard do you have?
  2. Helltech said:
    The 7600GT is a better card. What motherboard do you have?

    my mainboard : intel d945gccr

    Can you explain your choice?
  3. Can anyone help me??????
  4. The 7600Gt is one tier better than the HD2600 according to the THG hierarchy chart.,2834-7.html
  5. thank you so much!!!!!!!!
    I want to ask you a question
    Is my PSU suitable for 7600gt?
  6. If it were a quality (Corsair , Seasonic, Antec) 450W, then questionable at best. I wouldn't try it.
  7. Quote:
    are those the only options that you have.?

    No, but they are my top 3... :D
  8. Facedesk for a Lot of you, the 7600gt isn't a very powerful card and is going to suffer heavily in games like crysis even on 800x600. Go with the 2600 pro as it is DX 10 and can still be a great benefit in HD content and is likely to be HDCP compliant unlike the 7600gt. I know the Geforce 7 generation very well and I know that getting a 7600gt is a poor choice.
  9. If you can find the HD 2600 XT model you will have better performance.
  10. Why not search for a dirt cheap second hand 3870/4670 that will easily blow both cards away without a second thought.
  11. so between hd 2600 pro vs 7600gt, which is the better one?
  12. Let me put it this way. I once had two evga 7600gs in sli and they for the time did a decent job playing the games that I played at the time except for cyrsis. To put it short my 2400 pro did a better job than that setup. Two 7600gs in sli is a Lot faster than a single 7600gt and yet a 2400 pro smoked them and that 2600 pro is roughly 3 times the shader count than my old 2400 pro. Double the physical path and four times than bandwidth. Sure the fill rates aren't that great but shader will more than make up for it.
  13. Quote:
    blah and blah....
    ATi HD2600 is better than the 7600GT.

    can you explain your choice?

    I need more help from you. Please help me. " Bet ween etween hd 2600 pro vs 7600gt, which is the better one?"
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    thanh1056 said:
    can you explain your choice?

    I need more help from you. Please help me. " Bet ween etween hd 2600 pro vs 7600gt, which is the better one?"

    Read my previous post and you will get the idea why. The shader performance of the 7600gt is CRAP in newer games that would favor more modern card or ati. I will say this and got it from a presentation dating from around 2007 from nvidia. The G70/71 had 800 threads (24 physical shaders) and was very difficult to effectively program and when they diverged performance tanked. The G73 is no different and suffered all the same. Cards that I have owned from this generation. 2x evga 7600gs, 1x evga 7800gs, 3x evga 7900gs ko, 2x alienware 7900gtx duo. So I know this generation better than probably any one here on the forum and I can tell you that you shouldn't get this card as it does not do very well in shader heavy games ware the 2600 pro would wipe it on the floor regardless of fill rates. If you can't understand even these two posts then you shouldn't be gaming or using a windows or Linux based machine and just settle instead with a mac. I use all three as I have to for school and play.

    2600 pro > 7600gt
    Good fps.....Not so good fps....
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  16. Thank you so much
    Anyone else? Please help me. I need more help
  17. OK what is it that you need?
  18. nforce4max said:
    OK what is it that you need?

    thanks for your helps.
    I want some opinions from others which I should choose, 7600 gt or 2600 pro.
    Thank you so much nforce4max. Can you give me your yahoo nick?
  19. please help me!!!!!!!
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