New System Build 2500k vs 2600k

Alright i'm doing a new sandy bridge build and here's my dilemma.

provided all the other parts are the same, which would be a better system for gaming/video encoding/value:

i7-2600K $309.99 CAD
Gigabyte 6950 2GB $244.99 after MIR


i5-2500K $214.99 CAD
dual Asus 6870s $386.99 after MIR

I would be gaming at 1920 x 1080 and i like the possibility of maybe getting a second 6950 (cause they scale so well in CF)--i'd have a psu that could handle it. but clearly, in this situation, the 2500K system would game better, which would likely be the primary use. there is not a significant price difference between the two builds.

what do you guys think?

thanks in advance!
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  1. If the 2600k fits into your budget then pick it up.
  2. Hello reignsupreme11;

    For gaming - no question it's the CFX 6870s. If you drop down to the 2500K to get that into your budget that's just a smart move IMO.
    Encoding video - that's not so clear cut. Everything else being equal and using encoding software that uses lots of threads the i7 would lead the way.
    But both options will do very good at encoding. One might do it a big faster, but both will get the job done very fast.
  3. Any comment on crossfiring the 6950s ? Its a possibility for me within the next year when budget allows me too? Is the performance gain substantial enough to cancel out the extra 150-200$ ?
  4. You didn't give us the option to choose the i5 2500K and HD 6950 now which I favor.
  5. my budget is about 1300$ CAD after tax. i can clearly fit in the 2500K and 6950, with about 100$ to spare. should this money go into graphics or processing power?
  6. What is your plan for a CPU cooler?
  7. Have you seen the THG article: System Builder Marathon, March 2011: $1000 Enthusiast PC
    They're working with the Core i5-2500K and Gigabyte Radeon HD 69502 GB.
  8. yuup i did read that article and i was looking at using a scythe mugen 2. again, if i use the 6950 and i2500K, i have about 100$ remaining in my budget. what should i put this 100+ towards if anything?
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