power supply problems

the problem i am having is i brought a new graphics card a gtx 275 to go into my computer

-qx6700 core 2 quad
-4gb ddr2
150GB hard drive
p7n platinum sli motherboard from msi

400w psu

i thought i could just get away with a 400w psu but asoon as i played a game the computer shut down and psu no long worked

so i replace old psu with a 650w evo labs psu when playing battlefield the computer shuts down and i turn computer on loud bang psu breaks so i send back get new one 30 mins into playing call of duty it shuts down to my surprise when i go to turn it on again it bangs so i send it back to get full refund and buy a ocz 700w modular one will it do the same problem

i never had these problems when using my 8800gt that i replaced with the gtx 275
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  1. This is why we highly recommend brand name PSU's.
  2. i have know brought a ocz 700w modular. i was wondering if there was a fault in the graphics card because it was pre owned could this cause the psu to blow
  3. That OCZ should work; it's reasonably reputable. As jsc says, always go with a fairly expensive, brand-name PSU.
  4. still my question is could a faulty graphics card that seems ok be overdrawing power from my psu do to something wrong with the card as it was pre owned
  5. A good PSU should have both overcurrent and short circuit protection that will non-destructively shut the PSU down.

    I do not recommend OCZ PSU's. Last I heard, OCZ markets 4 different PSU lines. One is pretty good. One is so-so. The other two are, in my opinion, about two steps above generic junk. I'm old (64). I cannot remember which one is which. :)
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