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Choosing graphics card

I have an Asus M4785-m motherboard with Athlon II quad core and 2 gb of ram...i wanted a relatively cheap upgrade of my video card as i play games on my comp and My IGP of course doesn't cut it..(works but meh...)

I was wondering To either by a Radeon 3470 card and use hybrid crossfire or to buy A Radeon hd 5450 card...i am not sure which is the better choice and if there is an even better choice that is less than 50 dollars i would gladly welcome it... THANK YOU IN ADVANCE
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    It would be best to buy the 5450 card. But a few things first.
    1) what is your budget
    2) what Res do run and what games do you play?
    3) what power supply do you have?
    4) I would upgrade my memory to at least 4gb

    Reason I asked, you could get a sapphire 5670 card for $89 with a rebate.

    But if the 5450 is all you need then make sure you get a 1GB DDR 3 over the DDR2 cards.

    Also checkout this video - Starcraft II running on a 5450 1GB DDR3 Card
  2. At $50 or less, I suggest buying an HD 4650. It is much better than either 5450 or 3470.
  3. I second the 4650. But you'd really be a lot happier waiting a month and buying an $80 card. You can't buy a legitimate gaming card for $30. And if you're gonna spend money buying games, you'll get more enjoyment out of games if they look okay instead of terrible.
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  5. Thanks everyone for your help!!

    But this really is gonna be a preliminary card before i buy anything A tad more expensive so its just to play FIFA 11... i think ill go with the hd 4650 then...
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