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My Compaq Presario C500 has been acting weird lately. Every now and then the hue of the screen changes from white to yellow and the screen flickers. The screen also moves over about and inch to the right and on the left inch or so of the screen there is a black bar that runs vertically down the screen (almost like the screen is cropped, but just on the left side) and to the left of the black bar is a blue bar (like the a start up screen shade of blue). After a few minutes the problem does correct itself also if I close the lid it will sometimes correct itself. Any ideas on what this could be? I'm at a total loss and any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. test it with the external monitor connected to the dock. Otherwise, connect an external monitor to the monitor port on the Presario and start the laptop. If the display is good on the external monitor but not on the laptop, order a replacement LCD display from either HP or one of its authorized resellers.

    when sometime trouble can fix it self !
    - Check sitting (hinge) LCD laptop broken like this can make unstable or shaky in screen

    fix mechanical
  2. +1 ^ loose connections will cause this issue, also a failing LCD screen.
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