What more can i do to upgrade to a better RIG without heavy xpence..

Hey Ive Got a E7500 intel C2D processor 4GB ram and a nvidia FX1800 its a optiplex 760 mini tower....wanna know what could be better and affordable as im still a working student......and i have another DELL workstation with 2 xeon processors 2GB RD rams and 128 MB AGP ATI card wanna know if i can upgrade this as well ....PLZ help as im bored with my 1st setup....
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  1. Fir gaming or for what?
  2. Yep for GAMING.....
  3. You can get a video card and a PSU, depending on your budget.
  4. Used FX1800s are selling for $240 on Amazon. A new one is $400+ at the Egg. That's a notch above entry-level for workstation cards. It ain't much at 3D gaming , maybe a 9600 GT or so pulling 60w.

    At 19x10 resolution a Radeon HD6850 is around $150 and might work without a new power supply (though it's always good to get one for an older system when you add new components) though you'd really be at the limit. A corsair 430w is $35 and should take care of things nicely - hope it fits in that Dell case :lol: I'll guess the HD6850 is roughly the same size of the FX card so it should fit -- unless you have some odd-ball setup with the super-slim Dell case.

    And an HD6850 will slobber-knock anything you could get from a 9600gt-like card and should work great with your CPU. You should be excited.

    If you are gaming at a much lower resolution, something like the HD5770/6770s are in the $100 range, and would still p'own that FX badly in 3D gaming.
  5. and another thing ..... actually wanna see if my PC will support Battlefield 3 and im upgrading m pc jus to play that ..... so could just some one lemme know if my PC could run it as on the minimum requirement section im underpowered to run that game....the min requirement for a GPU is a nVidia GTX 250....wanna know will my current config support it ...if it doesnt ill think of something else!!!
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