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Minor upgrade

Hi All,

My Current system is

mo bo - ConRoeXFire-eSATA2 (not really looking to replace this)
CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
GPU - NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT
RAM - 2 x 2Gb DDR2 667GHz

I am from Australia and am only looking to spend about $200 - $250. (I'm planning on a completely new system in about a year so this is mostly a stop gap update before this machine is passed on to family)

I'm thinking either the Core 2 Duo E6700 or their is a Core 2 Extreme that will work in this way old mobo.

As for a GPU update here is where i am mostly stumped. I am currently using my HD TV as my main monitor so a HDMI out is high on my list of wants for the gpu, I also have a slight preference for nVidia.

With the above info in mind what recommendations do you all have
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    Intel C2Q - 6600

    I don't know of any Australian stores so I posted the link to the official site, the Q6600 is a great X4 processor and is still going relatively strong today, it also overclocks very well.

    Edit: I've just looked at the CPU support list for that motherboard and noticed that the highest CPU on the list is the Core 2 Extreme X6800, and second to that is E6700. I'm not really convinced now that the Q6600 will work.
    AMD Radeon HD4770 512MB

    This is a graphics upgrade that won't consume much power, and has HDMI-Out.
    It's ATi's counterpart to the GeForce 9800GT
  2. thanx for a quick reply, the cpu's that you listed match what I've been looking at.
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  4. After doing a bit more price research the E6700 is the best value, the X6800 is much rarer and about 70-80 more.

    Still looking and thinking on the gpu.
  5. The performance difference between E6700 and E6300 isn't worth the price to upgrade. Save your money for the processor until next year as you said when you'll be buying a new system.
  6. ok, looking at theprice point which is the average low point for the 9800GT I am looking at 5 cards

    Geforce 9800 GT
    GeForce GT430
    GeForce GT240
    Radeon HD5670
    Radeon HD5570

    As to which card to get for the best improvement I am lost
  7. Out the five cards you mentioned, the 9800GT and the HD5670 are the best.
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    I know from personal experience that the 9800GT is a very good/reliable card but the HD5670 has fair reviews too. However, if you're planning to pass this on to your family then I assume it will be used for general things like surfing the internet rather than gaming. An HD4770 is a decent card for the price and what it's going to be used for. I think someone said that the HD4770/HD5770 is like the 8800GT/9800GT case, they are the same except the newer is made in a better manufacturing process.
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