Can not connect to internet

Hello, broadcom 802.11 G and Linksys AE2500#2
both have warning symbols in device mgr. drivers are up to date
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  1. Your linksys is in the device manager ? Isn't that your router ? I don't see why that should be in the device manager. But anyways what I would do is do a hard restart with all the pieces connected to the internet. That means unplugging everything from the wall socket and then one at a time plugging them back in and turning them on if they have an on/off switch. First plug in the modem and let it lock up with block sync , then plug in the router and let that lock up and last plug in and turn on your computer. Block sync is when all the lights come on and stay on and the internet light is blinking. If that does not solve the issue then you could open the network and sharing center and run the trouble shooter to see if it comes up with any issues , you can also do that in the action center.
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