XFX 5870 and Sketchup issue....

I have recently purchased an XFX 5870 for a new build only 2 months old, prior to the card the machine was just running on the motherboards Integrated HD4250 and Sketchup ran flawlessly without any hickups, now i have the 5870 it will barely function, jittering and breaking the image especially when trying to zoom. Of the top of my head i think the machine scored between 18000 - 19000 on 3Dmarkvantage I THINK! (not 100% sure), i will double check when home.

I know gaming GPU's arent meant for 3D programming but id hardly call Sketchup intensive, the rig drives AVP2 DX11 fully maxed on 1080 well above average FPS....

Ive tried to run Sketchup using OpenGL and DX

The machine has a
Phenom II x4 b60 BE OC'd to 4Ghz
4Gb memory
plenty of HDD space
and a ideal teps under load

Any ideas.......
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  1. anyone have an idea?
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