Need help on a graphic card upgrade

Currently I own a geforce 6800 GS AGP graphic card

My psu is a 410 watt silencer ( 410 atx dell).

+3.3v -- 28a
+5v -- 32a
+12v -- 23a
-12v -- 0.8a
+5vs -- 2a

200w ( 46A ) max

dell diminsion 8100 p4 1.5 g, with 2 g ram.

What is the best graphics card I can upgrade too with AGP?
Price isn't a issue, but i don't want to buy a new computer. This one has been good to me.

Would I be able to run a Nvidia 7950 GT, 7800 GT, or can I get a higher card?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. In the cost for a good agp card why don't you buy an cheap motherboard and spend a little bucks for an low end card that will be surely better than your agp card.
  2. rocky41 said:
    With the cost of a decent AGP card, why not buy a cheap motherboard with a pci-ex16 slot? You can get a cheaper graphics card that should outperform or equal a card we can offer anyways.

    This is the better deal, mainly because AGP is quite expensive to find nowadays. Another problem is the lack of cards in AGP form, as the 4650 was one of the last from Radeon and I think a few mid classed cards within the 8 series from Nvidia.
    You might be able to find a cheap model that's been used, but at the cost of a low-mid card over 100$ you can get a new motherboard that may still support your processor.
  3. I have never replaced a motherboard and don't have the slightest idea on what to get. If anyone could recommend a motherboard, and price? I would be willing to give it a try.

    How does replacing the motherboard affect my Xp Os?

    I orginally had Window Me when I first bought the system, but then upgraded to Xp.

  4. Do you still have XP? If you can reinstall it then it should be fine.
  5. You should get an intel g31 chipset motherboard as it's quite cheap and it does have an pci-ex16 slot, so adding an card later won't we any problem for you. Reinstalling the windows will help.
  6. yes, I still have Xp.

    What about my Ram, would I have to get new Ram with the new motherboard?

    Also,I would still like to know what older agp card you guys would still recommend?
  7. Spending the money on an agp card isn't an wise thing and is totally wastage of money , you still wont be able to play games fine.
  8. What am I looking at price wise for the motherboard? and what would you recommend for a graphics card?

    I have a $300 budget
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