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Hi, I just did my first computer build and need some advice. Whats a good program to test my cpu temp? The bios setup on my asus p67 sabertooth shows 39 C idle but when using the asus monitoring program it shows 26-29 C. Im looking for something accurate. Also I would like to test its high temp limits to make sure my cooler is working properly. Im using a corsair H60 liquid cooler.

Is there also a good program to test video card temps under load ex. running a GTX570. Im going to be running some heavy graphics games. I used the pre-applied thermal paste that was on the H60 but I did also buy some artic silver. Should I remove cooler and apply the artic silver?
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  1. Sounds like a powerfull machine for a first build!
    I would think the asus monitoring program should be accurate enough. 39C would be quite hot for a 2500k, especially since you're using liquid cooling. Prime95 is a good program for stress testing. That'll jack up your cpu temp.
    Well you're obviously not just browsing the net with a 570! lol. I don't know much else, since i'm new to building pc's.
    If you go onto Intel live support, they will tell you the normal operation temperature for the 2500k, and probably suggest a program to test temperatures accurately.
  2. Is Real Temp a good program? I used it just now. Its saying 28-29 idle. Highest temp while playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 is 45. Im not sure which to trust but 2 different programs are telling me 29 and my bios is saying 39-40. I dont get it. Ive got to get this thing ironed out before I try any over clocking which is why I bought the 2500k...

    Here is my full system specs, and yes this thing rocks :D

    Cooler Master Elite 430
    Asus P67 Sabertooth
    Intel i5-2500k
    EVGA GTX570 SC
    Corsair 750 PSU
    Corsair H60 Liquid CPU cooler
    3 120mm intake fans, 1 120mm exhaust fan, 1 50mm motherboard assist fan. (computer sounds like an airplane)
  3. The temp in the BIOS will always be hotter because the CPU can't go into low-power idle mode until it fully boots into Windows.

    Use a program like Core Temp for the individual core temps.

    MSI's Afterburner program is a good one for GPU temp monitoring and overclocking.

    Edit: Real Temp is also good for monitoring temps.
  4. I removed the factory thermal paste that came with the H60 and applied the Artic Silver 5. I dont notice any difference in temperatures. I ran a 5 minute stress test in Prime 95 and the highest temps it saw was 51 C. Is there anything I should be concerned about or am I ok? Ive got alot of money invested in this system so im a tad nervous lol I dont think I did too bad for my first computer build though.
  5. Lol. Not at all. 51 C for Prime 95 is excellent at stock speeds. Mine hits 70 C barely at 4.5 ghz. As long as your Prime 95 temps are around 75 C tops you'll be fine, since you will never get close to those temps in ordinary usage, even in high end games
  6. You should run Prime95 for an hour before recording a temp -- five minutes is nowhere near enough time for it to warm up to real operating temperatures.

    It will take over 200 hours (over eight days) for the Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound to properly cure and give its best temps. They should decrease by a couple of degrees by the end of that time.
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