Nvidia gts 250 vs gts 450

plz tell which one will be better for use in 1600x900 resolution gts250 or gts 450 1gb
also tel if dx11 of any real use if price comparison inthese 2 cards is big
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  1. What exactly is your budget??
  2. gts 450 and gts 250 is pretty close really, as far as gaming anyway

    the gts 450 has a SLIGHT edge in gaming, and uses DX11 so if you plan to run any DX11 titles its probably the way to go, both are more than sufficient for 1600x900 resolution

    the gts 450 really would shine over a gts 250 if you need cuda... but if you don't know what it is or if you need it... then chances are you don't need it

    as the 450 is only a few dollars mroe and has an edge/dx11 i'd go with that if you run vista or windows 7, if windows xp you don't use dx11 i'd go gts 250
  3. im from india n gts 450 is almost 20 % higher price
    im planning to upgrade my full cpu in 2yrs n wil put more money when dx11 game n ddr5 card are on the way
    so my question is will gts250 be gud
  4. for games yes a gts 250 will be good, and almsot as good as a gts 450

    when you get your new cpu in 2 years either card will likely be old by then but still be able to play games in mid settings.

    i'd still say if you have vista or windows 7 try for the gts450 and if not the gts 250 though, as if you can use dx11 now then when you get your new cpu you'll be in a better spot
  5. if you want smooth dx11 gameplay, start with a gtx460 even at that resolution.
  6. wh3resmycar said:
    if you want smooth dx11 gameplay, start with a gtx460 even at that resolution.

    may as well go for a gts580 with that logic and quad sli em....

    if a 20 dollar difference is important to him (and it is to me to) i doubt he is going to want to spend that much on a gtx 460 ;)
  7. paras33
    im also in india n cost of both gts250&450 hav difference of only Rs.500-Rs.700 gts 250 is of Rs.6500 and gts 450 is of 7000.so the difference is not quite large between both the card.well i think u should go with the gts450. bsz it hav dx11. and it is quite better than gts250.
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