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Hi everyone,
I wanted to ask the brilliant people on tom's hardware a question about my home networking setup :)

Currently I have my cable modem -----> Belkin router (with wireless turned off) -----> linksys gigabit switch (feeding LAN to 8 rooms around the house) -----> 2 Linksys Wrt54g used as APs (one upstairs, one downstairs)

Now, the Belkin's IP is I tried to set the WRT54g to and it would give some kind of renew ip lease warning and lock me out from getting back into settings (tried and .2.3) unless I reset it and started over. So, I left them as and and Im getting internet just fine on both of them. When I tried to go back to the linksys menu wirelessly and wired and add security, I couldn't get to it with the linksys ip's. However, it did allow me to go into the belkin's settings using when connected to either linksys AP.

So my question is, is there a problem leaving the IPs on the linksys APs as they currently are or is that not a "proper network" between devices connected to one AP and the other? I read somewhere that it should be and .254, but i dont want to mess with them again if I dont have to. Any help would be appreciated, I want my home network to be perfect.
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  1. Change the IP Addresses of the WRT54G's to &, disable DHCP and connect the cable from the Belkin to a LAN port.
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