ASRock 970 Extreme4 bios gone good?

I just installed the extreme4 mobo, after finishing installing windows i updated the bios which when good? i guess i used the "Instant Flash" option everything when good and it said "update successfully installed?" and "press any key to restart" i've pressed space and now i have a black screen. help ?
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  1. sounds like a bad flash... If so, back to the manufacturer it goes.
  2. but first Clear the CMOS.
    UNPLUG the PSU.
    Configure the CMOS jumpers per MOBO manual instructions. Usually from Pins 1 & 2 to Pins 2 & 3 for a few seconds then back to original configuration.
  3. make sure to follow the manual instructions to clear it using the jumpers!!! mine might not be right and damage your board
  4. nope. its still showing nothing on the screen and on the debug led its showing 00
  5. in that case send it back to the manufacturer
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