Ati Radeon 4650??

Lets just start off saying that I am trying to make an older computer last a little longer by upgrading it. I currently own a Dell e520 2.66ghz duo core, graphics card ati radeon Visiontek 4550, 4gbs ram, 305 watt power supply, windows 7 operating system. The rest of the specs are here: [...] GB/prices.

I plan on upgrading both the CPU and Graphics card (cpu to intel 4 651 3.4ghz, which is the highest I can go with my MOBO). The graphics card I was looking at is the Visiontek 4650 1gb. I had contacted dell and asked about a better graphics card and the 4650 1gb is the best one they recommended for my power supply.
I also asked if I upgraded the power supply if I could get a better graphics card but customer service rep told me upgrading the power supply is not possible? One I have never heard anyone say that upgrading the power supply isnt possible but 2 if I cannot upgrade the power supply then which 4650 1gb graphics card is the best? I see there are different brands like visiontek, diamond and sapphire.

SO I guess I have multiple questions:

1. which brand of 4650 1gb graphics card is better?
2. Can I upgrade my power supply and where do I find a bigger one for my computer if I can?
3. Can I get a better graphics card then the 4650 for my system?
4. Is the intel 4 651 chip the highest or best chip for my MOBO i can upgrade to?
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  1. 1. If the card's identical, just go for a Visiontek, their reputation has been really good as of late for decent cards.

    2. You can find an upgraded power supply (Link's broken btw), but that also depends on the case. If you have a small form factor case, like my shitty work computer (An optiplex 755), then you're extremely limited. If you just have a regular run of the mill computer case, then yes, you most definitely can upgrade your PSU. Sites like are a good place to start when shopping for a Power Supply.

    3. I wouldn't recommend anything more powerful than a 4650 on a 305 watt PSU. Upgrade your PSU first.

    4. You have an LGA 775 socket motherboard. With that said, the best CPU you can throw in your current socket is this badass:

    It's actually very similar to the one I have (I have a Q9450, earlier model, a little slower). This is a QUAD COOOORE EXTREEME, ok maybe not that extreme, but it is a badass. Quad Core with each core running at 3 ghz and it has 12 mb of cache.
  2. I reckon you can kinda stretch it with a 4670 or even a 5670 but still 4650 is a good choice with that psu
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