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Im building a new system and i need help deciding the Psu im gonna plug to it. It's a budget system, with an i3-2100 cpu, an asus h67 mobo and a 9800gt gpu (i play low res! ;) ..) and the psu i have in mind is:

Antec VP450 (450w)

Its not a power demanding system, but i dont quite know how this psu performs and i'm having trouble finding reviews about it.
I'm really strict about noise, and i care about efficiency... So anyone had it before or knows about it?

(I live in argentina so i dont have many low-cost options; it's that one or a Cooler Master EPPlus 550w, which doesnt entirely convince me...)
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  1. I would not buy a VP-450 new these days, that red voltage selector switch tells me its a pretty old design. The Cooler Master Extreme power plus isnt any better though. How much is it costing you where you are? Going super low cost on a PSU will actually cost you quite a bit more, the cheaper ones will tend to die sooner and then you have gone through 2 PSUs in the life of the system, pay a bit more upfront and it should live at least 5 years.
  2. Well i can get any of those above at 80usd (yes, theyre waay more expensive here..), and better ones start at 160/180usd (ex. CM silent pro 600w, Antec EA green 650w) which is quite more than what i can spend...

    About the antec 450; despite its being old does it have any other cons i should consider? Would it keep the system safe enough and keep the noise down.?
  3. Try to find an Antec EA-380D or one of the older corsair VX400 / 450 if you can still find em in stock.

    Remember Antec sells awesome psus, really good psus, Ok psus, and crappy psus,

    The one your looking at is at the bottom of the hierarchy my buddy.
  4. Thanks for the replies!

    The only 'better' psu's i can find up to 100usd (before jumping 70usd more) are:

    Gygabyte Powerock 500w


    Antec Bp500u

    In this Hardwaresecrets review, though old the Antec doesnt seem too bad...

    Waddaya say?
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    thats an OK psu from antec. Its certainly not bad and certainly not crap. Its ok if thats the only better one you can get! At least it won't blow up when you pull close to 350w from it! (crappy 500w usually blows up near or before that stage)
  6. Actually, i double checked and the bp500u doesnt have the 8pin 12v connector my mobo requires... (though the retailers say it does... ¬¬)

    Ill keep looking, im certainly not gonna compromise my system for not waiting a couple of weeks more...

    Thanks for the help!!
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