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Alienware M9700 nVidia Go7950

January 19, 2011 2:26:14 PM


I have an Alienware m9700 notebook with dual 512Mb Nvidia GeForce Go7950 SLI (ref: 40GAB042Z-G38), and I have a graphic problem: green dots on the screen in DOS mode, and the screen is spread larger than it should (I can't see the bottom and right of the picture, whatever resolution I choose).
I've checked both graphic cards by switching them (yes you can !), and it appears the D module (Daughter) is fried. The notebook doesn't display anything when only one of the cards is connected, I've tried all combination possible.
I've looked over the web for spare parts, and such a card is very expensive (more than 300€), too much to risk it not to work eventually.

Is it possible to either:
a/ configure the notebook to only use the remaining approximately-working video card, by deactivating the SLI mode ? How do you do this, since it won't display anything when started this way ?
b/ replace both videocard by another Nvidia model, of exactly same dimensions and connections for SLI, cheaper and sure to work this time ? How would you choose it and where ?

Let me add that since the m9700 model is no longer supported by Alienware-Dell, I couldn't get any help from them. Bastards !...^^

Thank you for helping me.

Here is a link to the last part I found (too late...):