Black ops issue with the Right CRTL key its what i press to jump

I play Black Ops and I have the most annoying EF-ing problem along with 1000 others I use the mouse to aim shoot melee attack use the left right up down arrows to move around the Right CTRL to Jump and the right Shift to run now this happens ONLY ON TRYARCH GAME WAW now BLACK OPS SAME F******* Problem I’m very frustrated the right CTRL just stops working for no reason I’m pits if u exit the game go back in it work for 5 to 10 minutes and then it stops working again this happens on my mom’s PC my PC my friend PC and it’s not the keyboards we are using its a programming thing Its dam frustrating if anyone can solve this it would be appreciated thanks

CPU Q9550 at 3400MHZ
8 gigs Hyper ram
2 OZC 60 gig vertex ones in raid 0

My mom’s pc is a COMCRAP

Both run win7 64bit home
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  1. So it stops working or it never worked ?
    Keyboard name's ?
  2. I don't have this game, however is it possible for you to CHANGE the key in your Setup?
  3. true, try to change it to something else instead ?
  4. alright iv bought 3 diffrent keyboards in 2 months right now im useing Nexxtech 2616301 witch came with a mouse but

    my older keyboards did the same thing i purpesly bought a USB keyboard to fix the problem and my moms PC running steam does the same thing

    and the right CTRL button works but not in the game sortov it work for a few minuts then stops working
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