Someone PLEASE help please

I just built my new computer and my computer will start but crashes (blue screen) everytime within 5 to 15 minutes and the same thing pops up everytime. Files that help describe the problem:


I gave 4 sticks of ram at first the system would just crash blue screen at windows 7 installer but when i left only 2 sticks of ram in it went as far as installing windows 7 and the drivers on the motherboard but keeps crashing after that. I wasn't able to install the lan driver from my motherboard because it requires a restart and when it does that it seems to not complete the installation on that. Just keeps blue screen crashing with the message i listed above

Computer spec:
Motherboard: asus M4A785-M
Power supply: 550w ultra
Integrated ati radeon hd 4200 gpu
CPU: Phenom 9850 2.5 ghz quad core
RAM:2 sticks of hynix 1gb 2Rx8 pc2 - 5300U - 555 12, 2 sticks of hynix 512mb 2Rx8 pc2 - 5300U - 555 12 (All the ram is recycled from my old computer but work)
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  1. What bios version are you running? 0304 or newer? Is the motherboard PCB version 1.00G or newer? both are required to use that CPU.

    Best guess is that its a compatibility issue with your motherboard/ memory. Your memory is not on the QVL list for that motherboard.....just because the memory is in perfect working condition doesn't mean it's compatible. If you have other memory .... try using a single stick.
  2. I agree with above, more specifically:

    1. If the BIOS doesn't recognize your RAM it may create an incorrect timing for it. Usually the BIOS uses the LOWEST settings for unrecognized RAM.
    2. BIOS updates sometimes add recognition support for RAM to automatically set the correct timings (all RAM of the correct type is "compatible"; it's the settings which cause problems)
    3. use MEMTEST (google it). Your BIOS must be set to boot from the CD or USB stick before the hard drive. Most people burn the CD or DVD image and boot from that.

    See your motherboard manual for the placement of a single stick of RAM. Use that slot with one stick only then run MEMTEST for at least one full cycle to test the entire stick.

    I'd be glad to help further but MEMTEST is an essential first step (after UPDATING YOUR BIOS if needed).

    Your crashing suggest you MAY have a corrupt installation. While the installation did appear to complete, unstable RAM or other issues may create a corrupted installation.

    I suggest you also try this:
    1. create and boot to the "Ubuntu LIVE CD"
    2. use for a while

    If you can't get Ubuntu to crash then it's unlikely you have a hardware issue. If that's the case then it's probably:
    a) a bad hard drive
    b) corrupted software

    Actually it would mainly point to a bad hard drive since your software is unlikely to get corrupted so fast.
  3. He has windows 7, your first step and what might quickly solve your problem without having to make extra cds and what not, boot the windows 7 disk and go to the repair screen, run the windows memory diagnostics and see what happens. results will display when you boot up or in the event view as memory diagnostics.
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