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Able to Paint currrent heatsinks ?

I am currently running a Asus P8P67 Evo motherboard and am building a custom WC system for it. I am sticking with air cooling my chip sets still but am going for a green and black theme. I was curious if it is possible to pain the current chip set heat sinks that are on the board ? If so what kind of paint would i be able to use without hindering the functionality of the heat sink ? Thanks for any responses all are greatly appreciated.
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    Painting bare metal on the heatsink will kill your performance... the paint will be an insulator and trap all the heat on your card. If you could get it anodised, that wouldn't kill your temps and still look nice... and it won't flake like paint.
  2. How would one go about getting these anodized or am i better off to buy a motherboard the color matches my rig ?
  3. i think its easier to just buy a motherboard with a color matching your rig.....anodising is adding a layer of aluminumoxide to the heatsink i dun know how its done tho
  4. awesome thanks for the info!! much appreciated !
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