Pentium 4 478 pin CPU 2 8Ghz 400mhz fsb

This special socket 423 to 478 pentium 4
adapter allows older Pentium 4 socket 423 motherboards
to upgrade with faster Pentium 4 478 pin CPUs that are 400 mhz fsb based. Comes with special
socket adapters that let's you utilize standard 478 cpu heatsink/fans.

This is where I want to use Pentium 4 478 pin CPU 2 8Ghz 400mhz fsb
It would be the best suited for this upgrade that I want to do
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  1. I think that it is time to start saving for a new computer.
  2. Cut a piece of metal and give it to one of the Intel engineers. He will go to the factory and turn it in to a i7 990 extreme
  3. Boy talk about old stuff. Yes you can use such an adapter on a 423 motherboard, but make sure that your mother board is listed under supported motherboards for that adapter or it may not work. Of course, understand that the 2.8Ghz P4 with a 400MHz FSB (and I'm guessing SDRam or slow RDRam) is not going to be as fast as the more common 2.8Ghz P4 with an 800MHz FSB and dual channel (or heck even single channel) DDR or DDR2 RAM.

    I'd say do it as a curiosity, but if you actually need a computer to use I'd say you need something newer :p
  4. socket 423 mainboards should have long since been sent to the junkheap; resist the temptation to upgrade ancient junk with slightly less ancient junk.....
  5. jsc said:
    I think that it is time to start saving for a new computer.

    This PC is for a novice that would not even consider buying a PC.
    I am senior geek putting together PC's for people seniors like myself, and it is strictly volunteer in my part. They learn with the adventure of bringing to life donated PC's to the center that I volunteer at.

    For myself I own quite a lot of PC's customely upgraded to working units better than many of the one's in the market today. I use them to teach at no charge to my club members at the center.

    Someone gave this PC to the senior in question, and I don't want to disappoint that individual.

    I have done this to many PC's that other seniors have brought in, this was the first one with a 423 socket. It is a challenge that I am willing to take, I found the RAM the 478 adapter, all I need is the best CPU that I can find for it. The Pentium 4 478 pin CPUs 400 mhz fsb.

    What I do is very fulfilling.
  6. Heck well if you already have the parts you may as well give it a shot. Anyway the adapter should be from Power Leap. The instillation should be pretty straight forward but I do remember there being some issues with those adapters on certain boards. Seems like the old Power Leap Website is gone and the one I found just hosts their old documents with alot of ads. There is a canadian site though with more information

    Just be careful with the heatsink installation. That adapter should have had a special heatsink as well so find it if you can. Good luck.
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