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I want to know if older socket 775 Pentium processors are compatible with current motherboards. what I would like to do is grab say a Pentium D 950 (3.4GHz 800MHz FSB 2x2MB L2) CPU and put it into a current Pentium dual core motherboard.

I'm pretty sure the memory interface is on the northbridge and not the CPU so I would expect this processor to work with DDR3 memory.

hypothetical setup:
Biostar G41D3C Intel G41 Socket 775 mATX
Pentium D 950
4 GB DDR3 1333 (dual channel)
AMD Radeon 6450
decent power supply
SATA 300 160GB HDD

I know this motherboard supports my FSB (aong with many others), my socket, and I think it supports my TDP so I can't find anything wrong just from the specs for compatibility.
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  1. Why not grab something like an E6500 or E6600 Wolfdale? It's higher performance and unless you get the Pentium D really cheap, less expensive.

    And in a G41 motherboard, you should be able to overclock it to around 3.6 - 3.8 GHz.
  2. Wow that was a quick response. I can get this Pentium D 950 for $40, maybe cheaper. can I get the E6500 or E6600 at for under $55?
  3. My intended cost for this machine is about $220. $40CPU, $40 mobo, $40 RAM, $40 case+speakers+mouse+keyboard+PSU, $60 video card. it just has to last around 2 years possibly with a video card or RAM upgrade later on.
  4. is newegg or ebay available?
  5. Newegg only sells more expensive new items and I'm not to worried about a used one from or amazon but ebay is a no go most of the time. If something goes wrong on Ebay I lose money but if something goes wrong on Amazon I can get a full refund including original and return shipping almost effortlessly.

    I really don't want to spend more than $45 and I refuse to spend more than $55 on a cheapy cpu for a short term computer that will almost certainly be replaced in 2 years and only used for light stuff. there may be deals on the E6500 but I don't think any good enough deals will pop up for the E6600. I'll still keep looking though.

    On another note can you tell me the performance of the Pentium extreme edition 965 versus the E6500 and E6600? I saw a $50 deal on it once and was curious about it. I know its got two hyper threaded cores at 3.73GHz,2x2 MB L2 cache, FSB, and can be overclocked great but not much else. it it stacks up well beyond the E6500 and pops up cheap again I might prefer it if possible with a DDR3 MOBO.

    that shows a Pentium EE 955 vs a Pentium Dual Core E6300

    about the closest I can find
    while the 955 is 3.46
    the E6300 is also a little slower than the E6500
    so it is a decent comparison

    the E6300 slaughters the Pentium 955

    with that said
    I had a Pentium D 945 3.4 and while it wont set the world on fire
    it is perfectly fine for browsing,encoding,dvd/cd ripping,photo editing,gaming etc
    as long as it light duty stuff
    for example you could play games that are a little bit older
    Far Cry 2 and BioShock 2 depending on you video card
    you can rip a DVD in about a 30-45 minutes

    as you said you will only be using it for light stuff
    the Pentium D would be fine
    but any Core2Duo or Pentium Dual Core will shred it
    my old E4300 Core2Duo 1.8ghz would easily beat my Pentium D 945

    the Pentium E6600 is $75 with free shipping
    so for an extra $20 it would blow away any Pentium D EE

    really if you want the system for two more years or so
    the twenty dollars would be worth it IMHO
  7. the Pentium EE 965 is much faster than the 955 so I think it could be pretty close to the E6500. I'm also willing to bet it can overclock immensely and with its 4 threads versus the E6500's two it may even surpass it if its clocked beyond 4.4GHz. I bet a cooler I've got could handle such speeds as well. (I think it has an 18 or 20 cm fan that goes strait out of the case).

    I must admit this would be easier if I just went with the E6500 or E6600 though. I just want to use ddr3 because it is faster at a lower price.

    After looking at the comparison of the Pentium EE 955 and the Pentium E6300 I notice how the 955 won in about half of the given tests. It only lost in graphics and a few benchmarks. Ill say that the EE 965 would have done much better than the 955 did.
  8. look at the benches again
    the P 955 didnt win ANY
    you got to look under the description of test
    some tests higher is better
    other tests lower is better
    read them carefully
    look here
    if you look a Core2Duo at 1.86ghz tops the lowend cpu list
    also Pentium D EE ran extremely HOT
    not good for overclocking

    dont get me wrong it will be fine for light duty use
    but you can get a COre2Duo E2xxx or E4xxx series for under $50 used
    which will beat it even at under 2ghz
    much less if you overclock the Core2Duo

    really think about Ebay
    I have bought many items with no problems on Ebay
    I bought a E4500 2.2 C2D for $51 with shipping
    and a Western Digital Velociraptor 10k 160gb hard drive $53 with shipping
    plus many other items
    just use top rated sellers with many transactions
    and use Buy It Now
    you could get this for under $50
    that is a C2D E4600
    would destroy any Pentium D Extreme Edition

    true enough you are taking a chance
    but it is worth it IMHO
  9. I've found motherboards that support all the Pentiums in the socket 775, old and new. I also found a pentium EE 965 for $80... but that is too much money. I won't go higher than $60 for the CPU or I'll go over my budget.
  10. that is the problem
    I was going to say that not all LGA 775 will support all of the C2Ds
    really if it is just a light duty computer
    the Pentium D is fine
    actually for a browser computer,social site and email checker
    a high end Pentium 4 with HyperThreading can actually handle that

    watch out on Toms
    alot of members will tell you that you need a Quad Core to check email LOL
  11. I think I'll go with your suggestion of a C2D.

    LOL they really say you need a quad for e-mail? Could do that with some really old $5 CPU, an atom, or even a tiny ARM processor...
  12. I'm also looking into an am3 build right now. I may be able to get away with a cheaper one and I did decide on AMD graphics already... (radeon 6450 64-bit DDR3 512MB)
  13. might want to look at this for a cpu
    faster than a Pentium D
    only $45 with free shipping
    and here is a page of am3 boards for under $50

    for under a $100 it would be a good build
    much better upgrade path than LGA775
    I have a LGA775 and the upgrade path sucks
    LGA775 is dead
  14. blazorthon said:
    I think I'll go with your suggestion of a C2D.

    LOL they really say you need a quad for e-mail? Could do that with some really old $5 CPU, an atom, or even a tiny ARM processor...

    I was exaggerating a little :)
    but I have really seen members say a Core2Duo was only good for browsing
  15. I played World of Warcraft for years on a Pentium 4 630. that is a single core 3.0 GHz with 2MB L2. That thing ran HOT. the cooler I mentioned having earlier actually kept it under 120 degrees F only because it is huge even by today's quad and six core cooler's standards. I must agree that, after careful consideration, an am3 or even an am3+ build may be the best possible route. This machine is only intended to last around 2 years (as stated earlier) but it needs to play at least entry level gaming.

    I figure a radeon hd 6450 can do this if my ancient crap Radeon whatever (32MB ddr) could play WoW well.
  16. I just found a Phenom II x2 545 going for $20 + $8 shipping. It is an auction but it has been unlocked to quad core. If I can get a quad for $28 I think I should jump at it. the seller has 100% positive feedback so I would hope he is trustworthy. If it doesn't go beyond $50 with shipping I'll try for it at least. I know I don't need a quad or six core CPU but if I can get one so cheap I might as well enjoy it right?

    Does this sound too good to be true?
  17. kind of
    You need a AM3 board that supports the unlocking feature
    I would go with the Regor I posted the link
    it is the same speed with more L2 cache (makes a difference)

    also the HD 5550
    would be a stronger card than the HD 6450
    after rebate it is $55
    double the stream processors plus 128 bit memory
    just FYI
  18. Would the fact that the phenom has 4 cores (with an unlocking motherboard) and the L3 cache? I know L3 is slower than L2 but with four cores, the L3, and a fair amount of L2 the phenom SHOULD be faster. Its also for a lower price (suggesting it stays lower).

    I think I'll go with the Radeon HD 5550 as you suggest.
  19. You an compare the plethora of CPUs w/ their relative gaming performance here....,2432.html
  20. blazorthon said:
    Would the fact that the phenom has 4 cores (with an unlocking motherboard) and the L3 cache? I know L3 is slower than L2 but with four cores, the L3, and a fair amount of L2 the phenom SHOULD be faster. Its also for a lower price (suggesting it stays lower).

    I think I'll go with the Radeon HD 5550 as you suggest.

    unlocking cores is not a definite thing
    and can cause your computer to be unstable
    also unlocking mobos that are decent cost more

    if you want to give it a try
    go for it
    but be warned there are alot of people on Toms
    complaining that their unlock went bad
  21. I'll just go with an Athlon II or Phenom II dual core... no unlocking if it's so unreliable.

    I'm also thinking of grabbing a 790GX or 890GX board for the integrated graphics instead of a discrete card. I figure it will be enough since I have lived with crappy graphics like the Radeon express 200 integrated or Radeon x300.

    LOL now that I think about it my best graphics ever is an integrated Radeon HD 1270 in my laptop...
  22. might want to think about this one
    it is an open box but a nice deal and there is a return polich
    gives you HD 4250 onboard graphics which is way better than your used to
    it is a HD 4xxx ati series graphics
    also has 8 channel sound
    also has core unlocking (it can be done-people have had it work)
    good overclocker
    4 ram slots
    solid chipset
    uses DDR3
    only $68 with the shipping included
    if you like it
    buy quick because open boxes disappear fast
    also it is MSI
    MSI is great because of solid caps and military grade parts like chokes
    just a thought
    then later you can add GPU
    also will support many CPUs
    this way you dont have to worry about changing systems in a year or two
    with the regor chip I linked you
    and that board
    you are looking at a little over a $100
    and it can last you a long time
    just would do a CPU upgrade later
    and a GPU later
    why spend 80-90 now and have to change later
    when you can spend about a 100
    and have a system that can last awhile
  23. lol by the time I read your reply it was gone.. thanks anyway.
    I have found an integrated video am3 socket... but it is the older 790GX chipset. I believe with a radeon hd 3300 integrated. It should be enough but is a little older than I was hoping for. it is about $55, should I go for it?
  24. Not sure if you found what you were looking for but I have a E3400 and an EVGA GT430 for sale. I'll sell them both to you for $70 shipped.

    - E3400 (2.6ghz, 1mb cache, Core 2 Duo)
    - EVGA GT 430 (Fermi) 1gb GDDR3

    Note: Both of these items are just about a month old... Never really ran the E3400 in my rig as I had a E5300 to replace it... The video card however will run pretty much any entry level game you through at it (when I say entry level, I mean counterstrike 1.6, counterstrike source, guild wars, heros of newerth, all on the highest settings on 1366x768. Games ran flawless on the card with my OCed E5300 @ 3.25ghz (same specs as e3400 but 2mb L2 cache).
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