Final check on new build

Helping a friend build a computer. Double checking everything, comments and criticisms before we go ahead and snag everything are invited.

i3-2120 or i5-2400
asus P8P67
sapphire 6870
ocz modxstream pro 500w (more than enough, no?)
8gb gskill @1600, cl9, 1.5v
640gb wd caviar black
cm storm scout or rosewill challenger or any recommendations?
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  1. Budget please? Please fill this out:

    If the budget is anything like the builds in my siggy, IE 1000$ that'd be the ideal 1000$ setup.

    Your build looks fine, but again for more critiques, the form needs to be filled out. One immediate change though is the HDD. Get the WD Black out for a Samsung F3 1TB, save the money for the same practical performance.
  2. My own experience with multiple cases from each of the two brands suggests that Rosewill's quality CONTROL is notably better than Coolermaster's; I will always choose the former over the latter now.
    The OCZ ModXtream doesn't suck (passed by HardwareSecrets), but a PSU from Antec, Seasonic, or Corsair will be superior. For a single card, 500W-550W is enough, but if your friend may ever want to add a second GPU, 650W-750W would be better.
  3. That is a well balanced system, but... I'd go with 4 gb of ram and increase the processor. However, ram is cheap right now so if it is in your budget go for the 8Gb!
    Corsair has some very nice budget power supplies recommended by jonnyguru in the CX series. After rebate the 430 watt is $25 the 500 watt is $45 and the 600 watt is $55.
    Also look at the Samsung spinpoint F3 drives in 1Tb. They are fast and just as reliable as the WD drives. Plus 1Tb > 640 Gb...
    The CM HAF 912 is a nice case too. It is quiet with lots of airflow. Cases have a lot to do with personal preference so go for one that your friend likes.
  4. ^ Hardly, the CX series fails in comparison to others like Antec and OCZs. Not to say the CX is terrible, it just wasn't as good as the older series, I believe it is called the GX series.

    The scout is a beatiful case. My fathers build used it and it is nice and silent. Stock cooling rarely is ever heard. I believe it has dust filters from my fathers info and the case features a single 120mm (I think) fan for intake and a 120mm for exhaust as well as a 140mm for exhaust on top. You have the option of 2 side panel fans (120mm) and on the side panel you get a window! Also features on off LED switches.
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