Additional Fighter bugs

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I've already informed Tim of these.

High Guard bug:
High Guard on the Wing do not increase the odds of hitting the target.
High Guard on the target, however, does increase the chance of the Wing
hitting it.

Holo Decoy bug:
Holo Decoys put out by the enemy do not reduce the odds of a Wing
hitting enemies. Holo Decoys put out by Wing's own ships, however, DO
reduce the odds of hitting enemies.

I can only confirm both of these for the fighter's beam. I do not know
if they apply to the missle.
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    Correction, High Guard on the target SHIP give the Wing an increased
    chance to hit the SHIP.

    This is only for Wing vs Ship combat.

    I believe the code is in place for Wing vs Wing, but I believe High
    Guard completely (or nearly completely) cancel each other out if
    present in both wings. They give both an attack and a defensive bonus.
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    Excellent work

    Similar bugs were found and solved a few months ago - with ships and HG,
    I think. So I am quite sure you are right; Tim has mixed up some
    pointers in the code.

    May I suggest you also post bugs at the Wiki database which DoC set up

    because bugs sent to Tim tend to disappear into a black hole if he is
    working on something else. Then you find them again 2 years later.

    I've added yours (see Host bugs H0006 and H0007) and, rather naughtily,
    shuffled the numbers of the bugs a bit - not recommended but the
    database is just beginning so i don't think there are any cross
    references yet. I thought these 2 bugs were best reported next to each
    Paul Honigmann
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