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Hello, first-time poster here. I recently had to replace my motherboard (which had a GeForce 7200 on-board) and I got an Intel G41, which, so far, has served me well, it has significantly better graphics and I've had my framerate almost never go below 15, for any game I've played. But I've discovered a few games where all 3d models (not the interface) are rapidly flashing negative. I've since removed my old Nvidia drivers, messed with in-game settings, but nothing's seemed to work. the games I've found it in so far are Killing Floor and WoW, Haven't seen it in any other games. Any idea what might be the problem?
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  1. My mistake, the GPU is a GMA X4500, which is built onto the G41 motherboard. Hope this clears something up.

    Maybe it's worth mentioning my other specs, 2core 2.8Gz CPU, 3gb ram, running on XP professional
  2. Last night I discovered the problem was my driver was outdated. updated it, everything runs fine now.
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