New Build - Hardware issue

Just put together a new computer, very simple build.

Mini itx board - Jetway NF96FL-525-LF
4gb ddr2 - Corsair cm2x2048-6400c5
ssd drive - ocz
1 x pci usb card with molex power connector
80W external power supply

So I install everything in the case and go to turn on the computer.

Power switch doesn't do anything. Double check my switch/header connections, check switch with ohm meter, everything is good but won't fire up.
First thing I eliminate is the molex connector from the usb card, switch works, computer turns on. I try it a couple times to verify and plug the power connector back in to make sure it won't start, sure enough power button doesn't do a thing. Problem 1, sort of solved, but weird.

Now that it reaches POST I start trying to install windows off the usb stick using the motherboard usb slots.
After the intro screen and "windows is starting" I get a BSOD

"stop c0000221" points to some ntdll.dll

Got this error a few times or it just hangs at windows starting.

Tried completely removing pci card, same thing, BSOD but now 2 different errors on the two separate tries. One was a fatal error other was the c0000221 error but with a different message.

Next I pulled out 1 stick of the ddr2 ram. Fires up right into windows.
Using the single stick method I tried both sticks individually in both slots, booted into windows everytime (Probably 10 instances of checking to make sure it wouldn't BSOD).
Next I tried putting both sticks back in, again BSOD with the same error although ONE time out of like 12 it did make it into the windows gui installation.

Next with one stick in I put the PCI card back in but without the power connector. Wouldn't go into windows installation, just hangs at the starting windows screen, no BSOD though, tried a few times. As soon as I take out the pci card and leave any one stick of ram in the motherboard it boots up.

I tried adjusting the memory in the bios but you can only adjust dram speed (667/800/auto), and voltage, no luck

To summarize...

Computer wont turn on with pci card power plugged in
BSOD with 2 sticks of ram
Boots fine with one stick (didn't matter which stick or which slot)
Hangs with pci card and 1 stick.

So what the heck is it?

Motherboard & pci card
Ram & pci card
All the above?

I don't know how else to test to actually narrow it down, I don't have any spare ddr2 or another computer to put the ddr2 into to test the ram. Anyone have any ideas? All this stuff is new and I am going to need to RMA something but I don't know what. I'm leaning towards something funky going on with the motherboard simply because I can't imagine I have bad ram AND a bad usb card.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Whats the OS?
  2. booting win 7 x64 off usb stick
  3. It has only 80W external power supply?
  4. yes.
  5. What is the CPU?

    80Watts cant be enough.
  6. I posted the build info at the top. It's a atom d525, 80w is more then plenty for that setup plus ssd, at full load the processor is only 41W I believe, and for my intended use it will never get that high.
    Anyways i've done some more testing and it is really starting to look like it's the motherboard.
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