Laptop GPU in Desktop?

Hey guys, have a strange question for you.
Is it possible to put a laptop GPU into a desktop?
I had a pretty good laptop with a GTX8800 card (since it was custom built I can easily remove the card) and now have a new desktop with a malfunctioning GPU (Radeon 6950) so I thought, why not put the 8800 into the desktop? Now obviously, all sorts of bells go off so I wanted to find out if there's a chance of breaking my MoBo or smth of similar severity if I was to proceed.
In case it matters, my case is a CoolerMaster HAF X and the MoBo is an Asus P7P55D-E Pro
(Google gave me nothing useful...)
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  1. Do u have a pic of the card? I am very skeptical but what does it look like connections-wise?
  2. The old Intel GMA950 was the same chip in the desktop as the laptops, but there isn't a laptop that doesn't have a chip integrated to the mobo. Now with that said, I've never heard of the laptop setup you are mentioning, I want more details about that. How would the GPU get it's power? Did your laptop have power cables running around under the hood? This all sounds too crazy.
  3. Actually nvm, I realized it has no outputs :P
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    Survey says....NO

    Laptop graphics cards are never standard PCIe form factor. They're always a custom card of some sort. Normally all connections to the card (video, power, data, etc) are non standard.
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