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A few video capturing questions....

Alright so here is what I would like to do. I want to get some sort of PCI capture card to throw in a PC and record 1080p. Basically I want to be able to plug in the HDMI that goes to my TV from my DirecTV DVR into the card and with the help of some software capture the full 1080p onto the computer to watch later. So my questions being is this at all possible to do and if so what would be the best piece of technology I could get to do it. Money is not a big issue, quality is.

My other question is I have the old VHS and miniVHS tapes from my earlier years and I would also like to get them onto the computer as well. I have devices to play said tapes but could I get a capture card that does RCA, S-Vid, and Component that could solve my first question too or should I just burn them to DVD's and rip them onto the computer? Keeping in mind I want the best picture possible.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it if you could steer me in the right direction.
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    First, I'm not aware of any setup that will capture full 1080p... though plenty will capture 1080i.

    Second, all of the internal cards that capture 1080i are PCIe based, not PCI though one solution I offer is USB based.

    Third, products that capture HDMI signals are generally limited to non-HDCP HDMI signals. For example, the HDMI out from a home video camera or possibly capturing HDMI gameplay on an Xbox. Protected HDMI from a DVR will prevent HDMI recording directly. Circumventing copy protection is frowned upon here at Tom's, so the advice I'm giving you is directed towards your VHS capturing project (though they are capable of other projects that you may wish to indulge in).

    That being said, I suggest you look into the following products:

    Hauppauge HD PVR captures 1080i over component, connects via USB.

    Hauppauge Colossus Not yet released, but coming soon. This is a PCIe version of the HD PVR above. It captures 1080i through component.
  2. Okay well I was looking for the best quality I could so if 1080i is what I can get than I am more happy with that.

    Also my mistake on PCI verses PCIe. I am aware of the capture devices that are USB as well. I guess I was just thinking that a PCIe one would maybe work better.

    I also did my research on what you were referring to with protected HDMI and I understand where the problem is. Honestly none other of my devices output HDMI so if it is illegal I won't continue with that project.

    The Hauppauge devices you linked me to look like they will do what I want to do and since there 1080i I think I am going to purchase one.

    Thanks for the info!
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