Need recommendation for REVIT Architecture

I am getting ready to order components to build a "work computer" to run Autodesk REVIT 2011 Architecture. I don't play games (although if I had an awesome computer....hum...).

I've pretty much settled on an i5-760 quad core, an Intel P55 board, 8Gb DDR3 RAM, and 3 Caviar black 500Gb hard drives (RAID5 set up...).

What I need some opinions on is a graphics card. Now this is probably "old news" to you gamers, but the "performance recommendations" says:
1GB (or more) DirectX 9-capable graphics card with Shader Model 3.

I would like something reliable that will allow some room to grow into (and maybe play some games on...).

Thanks for your help.
Russ H
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  1. Rivet is not very graphics intensive.

    I have used a 4650 with 512MB of DDR3 Ram and it works just fine.
  2. Thanks for the link! That gives me an idea.
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