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Hello there, I'm looking to build a very basic PC tower for minimal cost.

Realisticly the PC would be able to run Windows, and general internet surfing and not struggle with general tasks.

I understand here its where you are looking at using lower qaulity parts.

Aiming for a budget as low as possible isnt great, but maybe able to salave case/PSU off the old broken PC this is built to replace.

Thanks to anyone who gives this a go. and If I am missing anyway, sorry. I'll continue to shop for parts myself but I'm not great, and the cost is double what I can spend.
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  1. This is my typical ECR (El Cheapo Rig) if Microcenter is an option

    X4 840 + Gigabyte 760G $99.99

    Items off egg $179AR

    $279AR total (assuming u not reusing anything as yet)
  2. Ah, Im a UK user and would probably buy off somewhere like Ebuyer, I heard today sometimes it is better to buy pre-built towers, what are your thoughts on this?

    and Thanks a lot :)
  3. well if you can find a pre-built system cheaper than that then go for it. sometimes it is cheaper to build yourself
  4. I thought it would be cheaper to do the build yourself, thats why I was looking, but was told to consider looking at prebuilds, I have been searching today, and they cant match the above at all, not even half, so it appears building is the way!
  5. I've been shopping around and came up with this (still trying to beat it and make it cheaper if possible) - and a little bit worried that the parts I selected may not work together, or I'm missing something.
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